Our Family Map

Our families range from Mukilteo to Renton and from West Seattle to Issaquah. We are thrilled to be able to work with so many great families and students in our area. Zoom in on the Puget Sound to see all the families we have served. Current students are in teal and past students are in yellow.

(No names, addresses, or other indentifying information have been used. All balloons are placed approximately.)



"We were very fortunate to have found Lauren last year. Our daughter, a sophomore at BHS, was struggling in AP Chem and Pre Calc. She felt very discouraged after trying hard on her own and going to after school tutorials that were not as effective as we had hoped. Lauren came highly recommended by a close friend. Even though her schedule was already full, she found a way to fit us in. Lauren is very professional: she is always on time or early and is respectful to our family and schedule. My daughter really enjoys working with her for the following reasons:

  -Lauren is energetic, eager to teach and always has an infectious positive attitude

  -Lauren is very good at explaining new concepts and sharing new strategies

  -My daughter is very comfortable talking to her and asking her questions.  

We would definitely recommend her service to anyone looking for tutoring help!"

- Jennifer Chang, Daughter at Bellevue High School; 11th grade

Pre-Calculus & AP Chemistry