Our Philosophy

Arthur Emery, Founder & Co-Owner

Every student should feel confident and accomplished in their academic, personal, and professional life. And it is our job to help them get there. Whether they're struggling to get B's, or have just gotten their first A-, every student deserves to feel supported, appreciated, and worthy of success. But, how do we get them there?

Much of our philosophy on tutoring, teaching, and mentoring is informed by the works of Carol Dweck (studying the power of praise and criticism), Paul Tough (How Children Succeed), and Martin Seligman (Learned Optimism).

We know that each student is their own complex package of learning styles, emotions, interests, ambitions, dreams, and personalities. That's why we focus on meaningful, one-on-one tutoring where our tutors can work with your student not just to succeed academically, but also to develop the characteristics of a truly successful person along the way. Characteristics such as determination, curiosity, perseverance, a passion for learning, grit, and creativity. And all while having fun!

We believe that the right tutor with the right student becomes not only another guiding voice in the student's successful development, but also another supporter, cheerleader, and ally on their path to leading a productive, fulfilling, and rewarding life.


"In high school I struggled with math and had a tutor for all four years. In college I was too scared to ask for help and was failing math. My teacher recommended I go to the tutorial center. That's where I met Arthur Emery, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. He is the only person who has ever made math make sense to me. Arthur took the time to understand my learning process and worked with me until I understood the material, no matter how long it took. He is patient and will try a million different ways to help you understand the problem you are working on. I felt like he was there to help me no matter what type of math it was. Arthur was my math tutor all through college and stayed my friend long after. I would recommend Arthur to ANYONE who needs help in math!"

- Cory Bartel