Our Rates & Services

Arthur Emery, Lauren Bonvini, Brandon Schnierer

Picking a tutor is an incredibly important decision, and the truth is that not all tutors are right for all students.

The right tutor will fit seamlessly into your life and get along well with your student by building a relationship of respect, consideration, encouragement, and results. The wrong tutor will simply exacerbate the learning difficulties your student is already encountering and lead to more frustration, anxiety, and unhappiness, all while causing you trouble in travel time and scheduling.

That is why we have made starting with a quality tutor as easy and risk free as possible. We offer premiere, in-home tutoring, starting with a free initial session to ensure that we are a good fit for you and your student. Our goal is to ensure that your student receives the support they deserve at a time and location that fits within your already busy schedules.

From Shoreline to South Seattle, and from Magnolia to Issaquah, we're here to help your student succeed!

All of our weekly, academic tutoring is $65/hour with the exception of Lauren Bonvini ($105/hour), Arthur Emery ($130/hour), and our individualized ACT/SAT Test Prep with Brandon Hendrickson ($125/hour). Each student's first hour of individualized tutoring is complimentary to ensure we're a good fit for your student, and vice versa. In addition, we offer 8 week SAT/ACT test prep courses for $950 per student.

We offer tutoring in:

  • All levels of Math through AP Calculus BC
  • All sciences from Anatomy to Zoology
  • Language Arts
  • History, US Government/Civics
  • Spanish
  • French

So feel free to contact us today to find out what support we can offer your student!

"My nemesis was business calculus. I tested high enough to skip the pre-requisite so I dove right in. After a couple of bombed quiz scores, I knew I needed help. Not in the form of meeting the instructor in his cramped little office with dozens of other students who had their own symptoms of confusion. I needed someone to decipher the material into a medium I could understand. Arthur had his work cut out for him. He was patient and explained things in a way that I could relate to and ideally do the work correctly. When I look back at my academic experience in college, I warmly recall, Arthur assisting me to accomplish my goal. I can't thank him enough!"

- Cole Linich
Business Calculus