Our Team

Our Team

Here at the Learning Professionals we pride ourselves on having top-quality tutors who can support your students in any area they need. Whether it's Language Arts, ACT/SAT Test Prep, or anything you can think of, we provide all of our families with the top-quality, personal service that is our hallmark. We understand that our work is only as good as our tutors. Luckily we have found some of the best ones in the area!

Whether it's Ryan Anderson, our Language Arts tutor who is a certified teacher in Washington State, taught at Mercer Island High School, and is the lead teacher at a small private school in Woodinville, or Layla Cole, who holds a Bachelor of Sciences and a Master's Degree in Biology, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in French, and has over 5 years experience teaching and tutoring, or our American Government and History tutor, Jason McHale, who has over 7 years teaching and tutoring experience, is currently an adjunct professor at three colleges throughout the United States and has his Master's Degree in Military History and his Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology and History, our tutors have an impressive blend of education and experience.

Below you can find all of our tutors listed either by subject. Feel free to contact us today and find out how our tutors can help your student achieve the success they deserve.

Tutors By Subject:


Language Arts

Arthur Emery, Founder & Co-Owner, Math/Science


Lauren Bonvini, Co-Owner, Math/Science

















"Arthur tutored me when I took pre-calculus and physics. Arthur is really good at making difficult concepts simple by breaking down concepts into their individual components. He is also very patient and gives you just enough information to let you work out the problem on your own. I would recommend Learning Professionals any time."

- Andrea Marston
Pre-Calculus & Physics