Alexa Bigby, Tutor, Business Manager

Alexa Bigby, Tutor, Business Manager

My name is Alexa Bigby and I have been tutoring professionally for nearly 8 years. I initially started tutoring as a way to teach part time while going to school to get my teaching certification. After student teaching for a few years, I realized my passion is in tutoring. I see more value in the one-on-one conversations and the customization to each student's learning style. I like the freedom to go off of the curriculum. I see myself as being there for all the students who get left behind in the classroom. Or, I can be there to challenge the students who are feeling bored in the classroom.

My tutoring career has taken me many places and given me the skills to appreciate and understand students of all study, organizational and social levels. After tutoring each of my four brothers, through all grade levels, and seeing the different attitudes and learning styles just within my home, I gained a huge amount of patience and understanding and started seeking out and helping "misunderstood" students. I student taught an 8th grade math lab (an elective for students struggling in math) and had a class of 15 teenage boys. If all their other classes each day had gone terribly, I made sure that they were successful in my class and left understanding at least one thing that has always confused them or even scared them. I understand the value of confidence. I also taught math to special needs students at a high school LRC. I really enjoyed finding ways for each student to have a productive lesson that made them feel independent. I also have had the opportunity to teach math to Spanish speaking students. I love figuring out the "code" to every person's unique brain and I love that my tutoring skills are applicable across all cultures.

I truly believe that anyone can understand math. And I love getting students who truly believe they cannot! Tutoring is hard work but high reward and it's always changing and never gets old.

I teach elementary level math through pre-calculus, along with chemistry, and all levels of Spanish.

Education and Experience: 

  • 8 years of teaching and tutoring experience
  • Tutored four brothers through each grade level
  • Tutored with multiple companies
  • Taught math to Spanish speaking students

"In high school I struggled with math and had a tutor for all four years. In college I was too scared to ask for help and was failing math. My teacher recommended I go to the tutorial center. That's where I met Arthur Emery, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. He is the only person who has ever made math make sense to me. Arthur took the time to understand my learning process and worked with me until I understood the material, no matter how long it took. He is patient and will try a million different ways to help you understand the problem you are working on. I felt like he was there to help me no matter what type of math it was. Arthur was my math tutor all through college and stayed my friend long after. I would recommend Arthur to ANYONE who needs help in math!"

- Cory Bartel