College Counseling

How to select a college is a serious endeavor these days. From personal statements, activity logs, letters of recommendation, transcripts, test scores, supplemental essays, and portfolio pieces there is a lot that a student must put into their college application. And that’s just what they need to accomplish after they’ve determined where they are applying.

Our approach to this overwhelming process starts with a simple premise: every student is a unique combination of interests, passions, ideas, and experiences. In order to figure out which colleges will fit your student best, they need to figure out who they are as a person. Our work begins with a thoughtful process of guided self-discovery where we help our students identify the character traits that make them ‘them’.

What comes out of that journey informs every other aspect of the application process. From their college list all the way down to their smallest supplemental essay, their character traits will help structure their future path. It’s our job to give them the guidance, support, and accountability to get them there.

We are not here to push a student into a college where they don’t belong.

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