Leslie Deming and Blake King Scholarship

Leslie Deming and Blake King were two exceptional teachers in our Founder’s life. Leslie was Arthur’s mother and through her own work as an accountant who helped small businesses start up, taught him the value of teaching. Blake King was one of Arthur’s close friends at Western Washington University and taught him the importance of approaching people openly with the intention of understanding who they are, not simply judging them based on what can be seen. (Read more about Leslie’s story here, and read more about Blake’s story here.

To honor both Leslie and Blake, Arthur started the Leslie Deming and Blake King tutoring scholarship for students from historically disadvantaged backgrounds. The scholarship is administered by our partner organization, The Rainier Athletes, and lets us provide weekly academic tutoring for their students, our brain-science informed ACT/SAT test prep, and our individualized college counseling services. We know the difference tutors can make in the lives of students and we couldn’t be more excited to be sharing our expertise with the Rainier Athletes community.

Please consider donating to the Leslie Deming and Blake King tutoring scholarship and read more about the incredible work the Rainier Athletes do.