Leslie Deming

Leslie Deming was a consummate teacher. For her, success meant supporting a business as it became self-sufficient in its bookkeeping. She knew that teaching someone the skills to survive on their own was far more important than doing the work for them. Leslie also appreciated that self-sufficiency can only go so far, and so she allowed each of her client’s to collect their most difficult financial reporting problems in a “Leslie File” that she would tackle when she stopped by their office.

Her approach to small business accounting is the same as our approach to tutoring. We strive to help students become self-sufficient learners, but also assure them that they can have a “Leslie File” of their own of things we will gladly help them with each week when we see them.

Leslie was also an introvert of the highest degree. Her passion for gardening was only outpaced by her passion for reading. Both activities she relished doing solo. But, she always loved a good gathering of her friends and family, and laughed at pretty much any joke, witty comment, or stupid pun Arthur and his two brothers, Brett, and Galen threw her way.

Sadly, Leslie passed away unexpectedly in June, 2011. Her legacy as a teacher and a mother lives on, though, in the work of the Learning Professionals and in the Leslie Deming & Blake King Scholarship.