Meet Our Tutors

Picking a tutor is an incredibly important decision. The right tutor will fit seamlessly into your life and get along well with your student by building a relationship of respect, consideration, encouragement, and results. The wrong tutor will simply exacerbate the learning difficulties your student is already encountering and lead to more frustration, anxiety, and unhappiness, all while causing you trouble in travel time and scheduling.

That is why we have made starting with a quality tutor as easy and risk free as possible. Your first hour with us is always complimentary, so that you can ensure that our tutor is a great fit for your family, without worrying about wasting money on a session that didn’t meet your expectations. If the tutor you originally selected wasn’t a perfect fit, we’ll send along another of our excellent tutors or refer you to another tutoring company so you can get the support you need for your student.

Each of our tutors possess multiple years of tutoring experience and a mastery of the content they teach. Most importantly, though, we all share a passion for supporting students’ self-confidence, resiliency, and love of learning. Hover over any tutor’s picture below to learn more about them including which classes they teach and their rate.

Arthur started The Learning Professionals over ten years ago in order to help students reach their full potential by helping them build their confidence, critical thinking skills, and academic ability. Arthur tutors all levels of Math, Chemistry, Physics, SAT and ACT test prep, and provides College Counseling for select students.

Arthur’s rate is $150/hour

Arthur Emery
Founder & Co-Owner

Alexa has been tutoring for more than half her life and has worked with students from 3 to 30. She tutors all levels of Math, Spanish, Chemistry, and Physics, and has supported families in curriculum modification and advocation for students with Learning differences.

Alexa’s rate is $130/hour

Alexa Bigby
Math, Spanish, Chemistry, and Physics

Lauren started with the Learning Professionals over 8 years ago after moving to Seattle from New Hampshire. Lauren tutors all levels of Math, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.

Lauren’s rate is $105/hour

Lauren Bonvini
Math, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

Jonathan grew up in Seattle and received his degree in Economics and Math from WWU. He also holds a Ph.D in Economics from the University of Arizona and has worked at the Max Planck Institute of Demographic Research in Germany and as a Professor of Economics at the Free University Berlin. He has taught Macroeconomics, International Trade, Statistics, Economic History, Economic Growth, and U.S. Economic Policy.

Jon’s rate is $105/hour.

Jonathan Fox
Statistic and Economics

Richard is a former high school math, chemistry, and physics teacher (and former law school classmate of Arthur’s). He tutors all levels of Math, Chemistry, and Physics, as well as SAT and ACT test prep.

Richard’s rate is $105/hour

Richard Glover
Math, Chemistry, Physics, and Test Prep

Brandon has been tutoring professionally since 2014 and enjoys helping high school students master both the content and strategic testing skills necessary to excel in school and beyond. Brandon tutors students from middle school through college in Math, Chemistry, Physics, and Computer Science.

Brandon’s rate is $85/hour

Brandon O'Toole
Math, Chemistry, Physics, and Comp Sci

Dr. Derek Lester earned a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and was a professor of education for six years. He is an expert of human learning and efficient and effective instructional strategies. He offers general tutoring services for K-8 students in reading, writing, math, science, and study skills. For older students, he tutors academic writing, study skills, anxiety management, and academic coaching, and specializes working with students who have learning differences.

Derek’s rate is $105/hour

Derek Lester
Language Arts and College Essay Writing

Reece is pursuing a degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics at Seattle University and has a strong passion for teaching mathematics. It has been a source of both inspiration and beauty that has affected his academic and professional life. Reece recognizes that there is a difference between the ability to perform mathematics and the ability to communicate it. He has worked with students of all levels and attitudes and tutors Math, Language Arts, and Test Prep.

Reece’s rate is $65/hour

Reece Keller
Math, Language Arts, and Test Prep

Joanna is very committed to her students and seeks to help them discover their strengths in subjects that may seem overwhelming. She sets high standards for herself to be efficient with the student’s time, be prepared to answer all their questions thoroughly and clearly, and challenge them to reach for higher goals. Joanna tutors Chemistry, Biology, Language Arts, Math (up to Algebra), and French (introductory and intermediate).

Joanna’s rate is $65/hour

Joanna Heywood
Language Arts, Biology, French, and Math

Samuel has been tutoring for over ten years and joined the Learning Professionals in 2018. He has a passion for helping students reach their “light bulb” moments and loves seeing the confidence it builds in their work. Samuel tutors Math, Statistics, and Chemistry.

Samuel’s rate is $65/hour

Samuel Nganga
Math, Statistics, and Chemistry

Caleb brings a love of science and a wealth of experience in curriculum development. His enjoyment of taking apart the process of teaching is reflected in his tutoring. Caleb tutors both Math and Physics.

Caleb’s rate is $65/hour

Caleb Smith
Math, Chemistry, Physics, and Test Prep

Andrew is one of the only tutors you’ll meet that thinks organic chemistry is fun. And for good reason. Andrew thinks any kind of in-depth learning can be fun and strives to help his students see that, too. Andrew tutors Math (through Algebra 2), Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry.

Andrew’s rate is $65/hour

Andrew Martinez
Chemistry and Math