Test Prep

SAT, ACT, OMG! Standardized tests can be the worst. We get it. We’ve been there. We’ve seen the fear and the anxiety. We’ve seen the tears. We’ve seen the heartache. We’ve seen it all! And in response, we have come up with a unique system to put your student at ease and in the best position to succeed.

The truth is the SAT and ACT are not intelligence tests (although the SAT started as one!), nor do your genetics mean you are predisposed to fail at them (or succeed at them, even). In fact, these tests have no bearing on a child’s worth as a student or as an individual and are completely manageable with the proper amount of tutoring and practice. Not that any of our students ever believe us when we tell them that, of course.

Our SAT and ACT test prep is based off the brain science of memory formation and retention. We focus student’s practice work in deliberate and meaningful ways to ensure they maximize their content and strategy mastery, in order to unlock their full potential on their chosen test. We ensure students are receiving support in understanding and breaking down the material they will face as well as committing them to the tried and true strategies and test hacks that will help them achieve their highest score.

In addition, we focus on techniques to deal with test anxiety and help our students get to a comfortable place emotionally with their test, not just academically. No student should feel like their performance on the SAT or ACT is going to determine their future, because frankly it won’t. But, every student should walk into their test confidently knowing they are ready to achieve their very best score.

Our SAT and ACT test prep lasts for eight weeks leading up to your actual test date. We start with a free hour-long consultation and encourage students to take a full length practice test of each test type to determine which test will fit them best. After that our test prep tutoring ranges from $150 per hour to $200 per hour and includes your formal SAT or ACT book, our Deep Practice Book materials, and all of the extra practice problems a student could want.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your student prepare for their test.