Tutoring Scholarships

Giving back is a part of our ethos here at Learning Professionals. It has always been the goal of our Founder, Arthur Emery, to create a tutoring scholarship program so that students who lack the resources can still receive the benefits on high-quality, one-on-one, individualized tutoring. That’s why we have partnered with two incredible organizations to provide tutoring, test prep, and college counseling to students from historically disadvantaged backgrounds: the Association of Washington Generals, and the Rainier Athletes.

The partnership with the Association of Washington Generals provides online, SAT and ACT test prep for the entire Washington World Fellows program. The fellowship seeks to empower motivated high school students through travel and education by offering a life-changing study abroad experience and college readiness program to fifteen exceptional students each year, from across Washington State. The program begins in the students’ 10th grade year with a six-week study abroad program in Spain. When the students return home they participate in two years of rigorous college preparation, including SAT and ACT test support, and college application assistance. To donate to the Washington World Fellows program and the test prep and college application support that we provide, please click here.

Our partnership with the Rainier Athletes allows us to deliver weekly academic tutoring, SAT and ACT test prep, and college counseling assistance to every high school level Rainier Athlete, through the Leslie Deming and Blake King tutoring scholarship, which was started by our Founder, Arthur Emery, and his brothers, Brett Shirley, and Galen Emery.

The Rainier Athletes use sports and mentorship to direct at-risk students towards a path to achievement and to close a growing opportunity gap within Bellevue’s community. Rainier Athletes achieves its goal by engaging and coordinating a broad community around each child. From their parents, to their teachers, coaches, peers, and their specially assigned Rainier Athlete mentors. Working with each student on character goals and achievements, as well as academic goals and achievements, the Rainier Athletes program to help students reach their full potential and develop a positive, productive, and fulfilling life.